Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    in Islamic law Not using the right for getting something    Ph.D    mohebbalrahmann, ali    2008-06-24
2    Sustaining ruling system and its outcome (Islamic political system)    Ph.D    malekafzaliardakani, mohsen    2008-12-30
3    Manifest crime in twelver shia’s jurisprudence and Iranian law (involving French & English criminal law)    M.Sc.    ,    2009-03-10
4    Examination of the crimes against public safety (government and people) regarding the concepts of MOHARABA(apparent military opposition against government) and Efsad fil arz (spreading the corruption on earth).    M.Sc.    moosve mashhadil, seuede ghodsi    2009-04-14
5    : A principled and juridical study of principles and effects of interference and no interference of causes and effects.    M.Sc.    dehghanie, mansoore    2010-02-02
6    The rule of occasion in the legal understanding and the issue of judjment generalization    M.Sc.    ebrahiminezhad, zahra    2010-05-22
7    The jurisprudence & legal study of lawful purpose in deals    M.Sc.    shadkam, zeinab    2010-11-09
8    The Islamic Jurisprudential Analysis of Legal Personality    Ph.D    ghasemi, mohammadali    2011-05-11
9    Norrow and broad interpretation in feh and criminal law    M.Sc.    rezai, fateme    2011-09-29
10    Jurisprudential analysis of causation in crime from the    M.Sc.    zardosht, zahra    2012-02-21
11    a survey on maintenance of self    M.Sc.    ebrahimikalati, fatemeh    2012-02-28
12    A study on jurisprudential principles and precepts of forgetfulness in the worships    M.Sc.    khaleghe miran, marziyeh    2012-03-13
13    The Survey of Differential Conditions While Marriage in Comparative Religious Jurisprudence    M.Sc.    mehralitabar, roghaye    2012-04-22
14    The tradition of Islamic law followers and its application in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) inference    M.Sc.    ahmadi soleimani, zahra sadat    2012-05-08
15    Legal And Jurisprudence Effects Of Husbund’s Insocvency    M.Sc.    goliej, samaneh    2012-05-22
16    Comparative study of jurisprodential rulings Haramain Sharifain (Mecca and Medina)    M.Sc.    haghighi, batool    2012-05-29
17    Comparative study of mother\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s velayat and her priority in guardianship between Islamic law, French law and England law.    M.Sc.    emrani, zahra    2012-05-29
18    Analysis of legal jurisprudence cheating    M.Sc.    Khalil Abadi, Akram    2012-06-01
19    easement rights from the perspective of comparative jurisprudence in Iran    M.Sc.    tavakoli, mahboobeh    2012-07-03
20    Original works of authorship and its principles in the hearts of political jurisprudence Sects    M.Sc.    izad panah kazemi, hosna    2012-10-09
21    Sarveying juridical prudences for poverty allevation (individuals and government performance)    M.Sc.    zebarjedi, ali    2012-10-23
22    effects and understanding criteria ، quiddity؛ Guidance commandment    Ph.D    Kargarian Marwasti, Mostafa    2012-10-28
23    Study of adoption in religions fiqh    M.Sc.    ghadri gorakhk, marzieh    2012-11-06
24    Study difference opinions of Shahidayn in chapters contracts according to Lomá and Sharh    M.Sc.    masti tazeh kand, majid    2012-11-20
25    The nature and provisions of the right of lien in reciprocal contracts according jurisprudence and Law    Ph.D    amini, azam    2012-12-31
26    A Substantive Study On Unlawful Cooperation And It’s Religious Law In Jurisprudence Contracts With The Comparative Approach To The Similar Legal Associations In The Iranian٫ Egypt And British Legal System.    Ph.D    Ghabooli Dorafshan, Sayyed Mohammad Hadi    2013-01-30
27    Determining basics and criteria of financial reporting according Shiite jurisprudence and review of accounting and financial expert’s view points.    M.Sc.    heydarnejad, saeed    2013-02-12
28    Between general and specific discharge And implementation of the fiqh    Ph.D    NARIMANI, MAHDI    2013-02-19
29    Dedicated of intellectual rights in Shiite jurisprudence and Iran law imposed    Ph.D    valizadeh, mohammadjavad    2013-03-13
30    Theoretical Jurisprudence Study Of Relinguishing And Its Applications According To Alruzh Albahyh    M.Sc.    asadi, masomeh    2013-04-30
31    the analys of viewpoint of    Ph.D    haghighatpoor, husain    2013-05-04
32    A comparative study of jurisprudential viewpoints of Sheikh-e-Toosi and Ibn-e-Edris regarding transactions(trade,rent)    M.Sc.    mahroomi, mohamad ali    2013-05-14
33    A research on ghaedeh jab and its application in islamic sects    M.Sc.    kamali, ali    2013-05-21
34    researching around the decisions of jurists on the misguided books    Ph.D    aliakbari babookani, ehsan    2013-06-09
35    Imami jurists practical approach to demonstrate the utility of the structures present in the Quran    Ph.D    salimi, mahdi    2013-06-12
36    Principle of Jurisprudence and Law Job security    Ph.D    balvardi, tayebeh    2013-12-03
37    The separat ways of wife from his husband in Islamic jurprudence whit approach to civil law of Afghanistan    Ph.D    Eatemadi, Hussain    2014-01-07
38    the function of shariah purposes in political jurisprudence with the emphasis on nahj al-balaghah    M.Sc.    bshabd, bsh    2014-02-25
39    scruting psychopathy in criminal jurisprudence and enacted law    Ph.D    komeili, monireh    2014-03-02
40    Non-deployed ownership (legal analysis of the concepts, examples and rules)    Ph.D    ahadi, seifollah    2014-03-05
41    Judgments and juridical issues on imitation to the opposite sex    M.Sc.    ranjbar, fatemeh    2014-06-03
42    Khums of incomes in relation to the increase and decrease in the value of money from the viewpoint of jurisprudence    Ph.D    danesh mirkohan, seyed rahmatollah    2014-06-22
43    The research of the wise manner situation in jurisprudence transaction of juridical texts in two recent centuries (sectional study : ketabolmatajer)    Ph.D    ARAM, BIBIRAZIYEH    2014-06-24
44    analysis of Juridical-legal foundations of the Islamic Penal Code 92 in the third and fourth general section and comparison with the Islamic Penal Code 70    M.Sc.    rasuoli, toba    2014-06-25
45    The examine of the rule « Al-saghet la yauood» & its ramifications    M.Sc.    abbaszadeh, reza    2014-07-02
46    Review the jurisprudence foundation of the Islamic law punishments issues of dispute 70&92 in hodud: Larceny, Belligerent, Bghy) )    M.Sc.    ajamekrami, tahereh    2014-10-07
47    Analysis of testament verses in jurisprudential texts    M.Sc.    izadian, madine    2014-10-21
48    Studying the viewpoints of Shia Jurists on the scope of the principle of explicitness in different deals with a focus on Loma Damshqyah    M.Sc.    kiani seresht, maryam    2014-12-16
49    The concept and aplication of the term invalidity and termination of influence similar cases in jurisprudence and law    M.Sc.    zarif nezhad, zahra    2014-12-16
50    The Evaluatin Of Location Context In Jurisprudenge And It’Role In Deduction    Ph.D    sabbaghi, maryam    2015-01-17
51    Ignorance` difference cases from Emamiyah `view    M.Sc.    pasdar, zahra    2015-04-07
52    Reaserch of Neighbor rights in Shiets Jurisprudence resources.    M.Sc.    mousavi, toktam    2015-04-21
53    Deliberating of speculations postural verdict in view of hierarch Ansari and Makasebs book explanators    M.Sc.    abbasi, marzieh    2015-04-28
54    the application of Predominance rule in Imamiye jurisprudential texts    M.Sc.    hosseini, seyyede samira    2015-05-12
55    A study of the questions differences between Ayatollah khooes Views and those of Muhammad Jawad Mughniya in family law    M.Sc.    sinaiyan, samira    2015-05-26
56    Evaluation of jurisprudential differences between Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Ardabili and Muhammad Javad Mughniyah about Hudud, Tazir and Qisas    M.Sc.    hosini bohloli, mahsome    2015-06-10
57    Foundations of early jurists Shiite rare vote of diya    Ph.D    hatami, sedigheh    2016-02-03
58    Shiite jurists modal approach to the current tradition in the fields of contracts and Rhythmic    Ph.D    amini, raziyeh    2016-02-06
59    A Comparative Study of the rule of law and principles willingly abstention does not contradict the option Al emtenao bel ekhteyar La yonafi Al ekhteyar.    M.Sc.    hajtalebi, َamin    2016-03-01
60    Role of place in islamic criminal judgements    Ph.D    aliyan, salman    2016-03-07
61    the study of jurists,s Practical approach about dedaratory laws and its relation with the difining laws on the basis of viws of sheikh Ansari    Ph.D    nohekhan, hassan    2016-03-12
62    Research of Sheikh Mufid non-famous opinion in the Chapters of transactions    Ph.D    shoaib, meisam    2016-03-15
63    Comparative consideration of rational approaches in Imam Khomeini and researcher Khouee’s juristic verdicts    Ph.D    Ketabdar, Alireza    2016-04-20
64    Acomparative study of the viewpoints of auther of Alforqan fi Tafsirelqoran and the viewes of the imamiah authers of Ayatolahkam in the marriage    M.Sc.    minaei, sara    2016-05-17
65    A comparative study of the viewpoints of the auther of ALforqan fi Tafsirel qoran and the viewpoints of the imamiah authers of Ayatolahkam in the part of Judgment. Witness . Confession    M.Sc.    jalalifar, fariba    2016-05-17
66    A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE VIEWPOINTS of the auther of alforqan fi tafsirelqoran and the viewpoints of the imamiah auther of ayatolahkam in the enhelale nekah    M.Sc.    abbas nejad farsangi, safOra    2016-05-17
67    Connection Between Fiqh and Natural Rights    Ph.D    farahmand, mahnaz    2016-05-31
68    A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE VIEWPOINTS of the auther of alforan fi tafsirelqoran and the viewpoints of the imamiah auther of ayatolahkam in the part of limits(hodud) and retaliation (qesas)    M.Sc.    rezapour, fereshteh    2016-06-01
69    A comparative study of the sheykhetoosi of auther of altebyan and tabari of gameolbayan and the viewes of the imamiah authers of Ayatolahkam in the marriage    M.Sc.    seyfi, zahra    2016-06-14
70    Analyzed non-famous views about death and its place in Iranian law.    Ph.D    zahed, ali    2016-07-02
71    study of the juridical verses of marriages abolishment in tafsir Attebyan and jamea Albayan withe an approuch to the other juridical opinicus    M.Sc.    delshad, vajihe    2017-01-17
72    a comparative study of the viewpoints of the auther of al-forqan fi tafsir al-quran and the viewpoints of the imamiah authers of ayatolahkam in the part of limits sales    M.Sc.    amidi, fatemeh    2017-01-20
73    Chronology of the duties and authorities of Ameer -el- hajj (The chief of Pilgrims) historical _ juridical achievement    M.Sc.    Elmi, Saeed    2017-05-02
74    The Opinions and Usuli Principles of Shikh Muhammad Reza Hamadin in The Realm of Verbal Issues (Mabahith al- alfaz)    Ph.D    khavari, yaghoub    2017-05-15
75    The experession of the meanings and different uses of the principle (ASL) in TAHrir ALrraozah    M.Sc.    ferdosi dolatshanlo, Marzieh    2017-05-23
76    discussion of Jurisprudence verses of Jihad in two interpretations of al-Tibyan and Jami' al-Bayan by looking at other jurisprudential opinions.    M.Sc.    ahmadinasab, reza    2017-07-08